Patient eligibility – Adults and adolescents over age 14 covered by a commercial insurance plan or Medicare.

We schedule the patient for a 1 hour appointment as soon as practical. Prior to this visit, the patient completes an online medical and surgical history and provides release forms for us to request medical records from physicians the patient has previously seen.

The initial visit consists of a review of the medical and surgical history including risk factors such as personal history, family history, alcohol or tobacco consumption, age, and gender. The physician performs a complete physical examination including body mass index, percent body fat and orders indicated laboratory testing or other diagnostic studies. Based upon the results and personal preferences of the patient, the physician develops a customized wellness plan that may include a dietary regimen, exercise, and follow up management of any medical problems or concerns identified during the initial comprehensive evaluation. We also provide risk factor reduction strategies. We typically schedule one intermediate level follow up visit to review the results of testing and answer questions.

We brief the new patient on how the practice functions and what expectations they should have. We provide written instructions on how to use secure texting or email to contact the physician, how to use secure teleconferencing if the need should arise and make payment arrangements for the retainer. If the patient has an HSA we bill retainer fees monthly via HSA debit to the extent permitted by IRS guidelines. These are pre-tax dollars. If the patient desires to pay by credit card, bank draft, or single check, quarterly or annually we accept those methods as well. The retainer is the only out of pocket expenses the patient incurs for services rendered by the physician.

We expect each patient to have a comprehensive evaluation each year and one follow up visit. We anticipate 2-3 additional contacts per year, either office visits or electronic contact with the physician for acute and chronic medical problems.

If specialty consultation becomes advisable we would ensure timely referral to specialists within the patient’s insurance provider network. In the event patients require inpatient care, we have established agreements with both Deaconess and St. Mary’s hospitalist groups.